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Village360 is a big, warm hug when the cold reality of a Cancer diagnosis hits.
We accompany you on your journey by lifting you up, lending you strength, offering assistance, and helping to support you when you cannot stand alone.

We listen. We guide. We’re here for you.

We promise comfort, concern, and calm.
The tranquil reinforcement we provide is meant to be an escape from the chaos created by the Cancer condition.

Be assured. You are not alone in this journey. Let us be your diversion from your diagnosis.

Here's How We Can Help:

  • We can be your strength when you need someone to lean on after your diagnosis as we are there by your side
  • We can help you sort through the common questions before and after testing or treatments
  • We can introduce you to therapeutic animals to provide comfort and connection
  • We can provide respite for your loved ones and caregivers so they have space for some serenity, too
  • Many of us have been through it so we have the knowledge of experience. We can help manage your expectations and provide compassionate reassurance
  • Self Care is important and we help you attain it when it feels like too much to do by yourself
  • We help empower you as a patient. We are your companion who feels like an ally
  • We lighten the load and help ease the journey when there is so much more life to live

Recharge with the breath of fresh air we provide. It is not out of reach.
Simply grasp our extended hands so we can help lift you from confusion to calm.

Looking for Assistance

Looking for Assistance?

What Kind of Guidance Can You Expect?

  • We can help you develop a plan to achieve your Cancer treatment goals
  • We will collaborate with you regarding your treatment plans
  • We can honestly assess your expectations and help you realistically relax some of your standards
  • Provide guidance for both patient and family

What Kind of Assistance Do You Need? We'll See if We Can Help.

  • Identify your cancer type and talk through your treatment options to help you determine the best approach for you
  • Help you find treatment centers in your area
  • Recommend support services and amenities
  • Reach out to help you connect with family and friends
  • Build a support team
  • Educate and help you develop survival techniques
  • And more

Give Help


Our clients, partners and champions can depend on us and trust our reliability.