Our Founder

Born in Chicago, Illinois. She comes from a big family. She lost her father to cancer at the age of 16. Since then she has lost her mom, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins, all to cancer.

She understands what a cancer diagnosis does to the patient, as well as their family. Her most important memory, which lead to the founding of Village 360, was the day she got a call from her doctor saying, we need you to come in today. She was then told that a mass has been found. No other explanation and no one to talk to, a single mother sitting and wondering what’s next because it was just her and her young son at home.

After surgery there was still no one around but her young son. She was half blind and not able to go out often because there was no help. This led to researching and thinking what could be done to help others. Was there someone out there who can help her?

And that is how Village 360 was born. Sitting for hours waiting on an infusion with only the occasional nurse to look in on you and finding out there was a problem, but they didn’t catch it sooner because no one was around to get their attention. Just having someone to talk to would have made the day much better.

Boneca feels that recovery can happen faster when we can lessen the stress over the little things.